note: this blog post is still a draft and isnt quite done yet

evocations of bloggage - 15th aug 2020

hi there. welcome to my first blogpost. this one's probably going to completely suck ass, as i've yet to find this little thing called a "writng style". expect tasteless and bland comments such as "wow, look at this" and the likes.
hopefully that improves i guess. anyway. on with whatever i was going to talk about- wait what was it again?

evoke 2020 novoque

oh, right. "novoque", this is my first time watching this demoparty- and it's this year's online-only iteration of the demoparty known as evoke, which ended up cancelled, hence the name. to me atleast, evoke is one of the slightly larger parties. while it is nothing to revision, it usually gets a decent amount of productions each year.

anyway, due to "circumstances" relating to my sleep schedule, which completely fine and not in anyway "broken" god forbid , i missed a large chunk of the first demoblock, and the first thing i saw was whatever this is:

whatever could this be tho?

apparently i walked in on the animation compo, with this one being called "Balztanz Der Fruchtigen Seeigel".
i don't remember much, because i was focused on writing the first part of this blog, as opposed to just watching the prods and feeding them back later. anyway, there stuff featured was rather interesting if not unusual. close-ups of dinosaur statues accompanied by blender text, and close-ups of water. i'm guessing, in this case, "animation" refers to short films and the likes. with that rushed and incomplete overlook out of the way i'll be back to discuss the interactive block in a little, hopefully my reporting will be a little better, as i'm not going to be needing to catchup with anything.

interactive compo

right, interactive compo time.
up first is "AMI Run"- seems to be a demoparty-themed platforming game, with same rather interesting mechanics. it's got that crt-ish effect, and by the looks of one of the main mechanics to blow things up using dynamite, and apparently collect beer- perhaps i oughtta give this game a shot when it hits. it seems to have no shortage of individually themed levels alongside a plethora of interesting mechanics such as jetpacks and the likes, along side a varied range of bossfights, as well as a buttload of refrences i'm too stupid to pick up on.

beer yes

... and that was literally it. one game. oh well, i guess there's more later. up next is "Dance Music In The Mix", which sounds rather interesting.

dance music in the mix

this is effectively, a dance music competition, being mixed by a DJ- in this case, it's a guy called Ronny. i don't exactly have much i can say about dance music as it's not really my area of interest- i mean, i like the genre, but thats about as far as my interest goes. i can't exactly pick a favourite, either. i can say that the DJ here has done a rather good job at picking music that flows and meshes together, i suppose. i've been using it as background music while i fix up the rest of this blog page.

after this comes "the big one" - the 4K demos and amigas and the likes- the stuff one would picture when someone says "demo"

alternative platforms

the first of the main block! this one can consis of every platform, be it old home computers, or games consoles.

entry number one is "drumbot - a breakthrough in artificial intelligence", a joke entry made using lego technic/mindstorm and this is fucking hilarious. it is touted to be an artificial super intelligence trained using pain.

whatever could this be tho?

the next one is called "pico-bello 2", which is supposedly a chipdisk series made and released various wacky platforms - this iteration features six songs, and it is on Anbernic RG350, and i must say- the music bops preety hard and sounds rather nice- i might have to do some investigation and add some of these tracks to my collection, as i dont think the tinny speakers of some tiny handheld does them justice

entry 3 is a demo for the pico-8, called "Compo-Fil-A', and it has some rather cool glenz vector cubes- and that's about it- i guess it lives upto its name.

whatever could this be tho?

the fourth entry is a demo by desire for the SNES, and it looks to be a port of the classic ST_NICCC demo. interestingly, this seems to be done without the SUPER-FX chip, which makes it sorta impressive that its running at all an ok framerate.
the music here is definitely a pleasant listen and makes the demo more interesting.

whatever could this be tho?

that was all we had for the alternative platforms section. no amiga!!! what the hell? i must say, i'm quite disappointed. oh well. moving on.

combined intros competition (4k + 64k)

uh-oh. that doesnt bode well. looks like they didnt have enough intros to do a proper competition for either. anyway- i'm out of time to ramble here.

"the duck demo 2" - 6kb here. apparently its a sequel to an older demo from 1989. it's a rather amusing piece, i must say, there isn't much i can say apart from that however.

whatever could this be tho?

"splash screen" - a neato looking 256k demo that runs on dos. not much i can really talk about here as 256b demos are often one-trick ponies. still damn impressive tho

whatever could this be tho?

"binford 3000" - a really cool looking and colourful demo, featuring some nice cloud effects and some beautiful fractals. the demo itself seems preety repetitive, but that's not a bad thing

whatever could this be tho?

"steel spin" - this is a really nice and simplistic demo, basically the opposite of the one just before this, and it looks really cool, featuring spinning metalrings that form incredibly intricate and beautiful patterns, [tbw]

whatever could this be tho? whatever could this be tho?

"particularity" a demo by alcatraz, and it has some really rather snazzy looking particle and trail effects. the music fits really well, with light and bubbly music, although it felt a bit short

whatever could this be tho? whatever could this be tho?

"lost cargo" is the 6th and final demo, and it seems to be story-based, featuring shipping containers sinking to the bottom of the sea. the vibes this one are seriously atmospheric. definitely a quality demo, and it's all in 4 kilobytes

whatever could this be tho?

up next is the main demo compo. how exciting and captivating.

pc demo

the first entry ("iso-installer 2020" by hoodlum) - i shit you not - is literally a cracktro with a functioning iso installer attached on- so it's useful as well as fancy looking: this has some pretty cool graphics, featuring more fractals [tbw]

whatever could this be tho?

"achtung!" appears to be a parody intro, attempting to look like tiktok. it features some creative visuals [tbrw]

"stay strong" has very neat visuals- yet its extremely hard to explain: i guess, featuring some really nice particles, - it seems vert remniscent of windows xp media player visuals- and it's an invite to assembly summer 2020 - except its in autumn. there seems to be plenty of categories, i might need to give this one a look as i ignored it last year.

whatever could this be tho? whatever could this be tho?

"angry tim" is a production [tbw]

"laevitas" seems to be a demo which pays homage to the early 2000s - the presentation of this is well crafted, and it alludes to the mid-2000s underground "graffiti-styled" design language [tbrw]

whatever could this be tho? whatever could this be tho?

"komfur" - right of the bat has some very agressive hardcore music as its backing and it bangs and throbs insanely hard, and it seems to be trying to go for a glitchy, messy aesthetic- the first half of demo seems to focus on these polygonal, messy looking things i can only describe as fuzzy objects, and the rest of it seems to... melt, i guess.

whatever could this be tho? whatever could this be tho?

and that was everything, i guess. all in all, novoque was a pretty nice party i must say, although due to the whole covid situation that's going on, the amount of releases were lacking somewhat. oh well the party still rocked.