note: this blog post is heavily unfinished. . please bare that in mind when you read

bah humbug - 13th nov 2020

today i heard "All I Want For Christmas Is You" and before i knew it, i could immediately feel my soul begin to disintegrate. to celebrate the towering, looming threat of red-and-green tinsel-coated mediocrity, here's a big angry blogpost about how much of a miserable killjoy i am.

the others

if i'm honest, i'm not a huge fan of the other holidays either; they're all the same. case in point: easter has nothing to do with its origins anymore- it's just a mess of The Cute Bunny Wabbitses and nasty chocolate eggs that taste like sugar-coated shit; and halloween is just "ooh, spooky" skeletons, and giving various random sweets to small children.. that, and everything is orange for some reason.

however, there's something about christmas that is different- in particular, the half-year-long build up it gets, for no other reason than the fact that it's christmas. no joke- i have seen christmas sales in july (and it's not the one some people are thinking about)

the build up

despite it being the middle of november- more than an entire month before the day itself, i can easily walk out of school (yes- physical, despite the shit that 2020 has thrown at us), and see a couple of houses littered with those cheapo blue-and-white light.. things that you can buy from pretty much everywhere. combine this with a few stragglers from halloween, with their cobwebs and rotten, decaying, two-week-old pumpkins, and the result a ghastly combination that some refer to as 'ChristmaHalloween'