hi there, i'm izeriox; sometimes but also formerly known as infinitysnapz, a slightly peculiar 16 year-old kid from the united kingdom. i feel like i've ended up being jack of all trades and master of none; i've made art, music etc etc but none of it is exactly what one would call great.

my main interests are in design and programming, but i also have an interest in the demoscene, old computers, analogue media, motion graphics and archival. if you're bored enough to read this, then you're probably bored enough to continue on with this page.
the 'important' stuff about me, in a more concise and to-the-point manner:

name: may reveal at a later date

birthdate: dec 8th 2004 (16)

gender: male (he/him)

orientation: straight (but with a twinge of doubt)

region: england

interests: programming, design, demoscene, retro computing, analogue media, motion graphics, archival

get to know me better: a list of personal tastes and perferences.

music genre: ambient, idm, prog rock, possibly hardcore?

music artists: aphex twin, boards of canada, genesis, pink floyd,

retro computers: c64, amiga 500,

demo: edge of disgrace, rink a dink redux, .the .product

game: minecraft, half-life, n++, ballisticNG, shellshock live

film: to be decided

series: red dwarf, top gear/the grand tour ((looking for recommendations))

colour: blue or purple, sometimes green

youtubers: ashens, techmoan, captain disillusion, atomic shrimp, penguinz0, someordinarygamers, tom scott
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